Strategic Objective #1
MCPS will provide equitable and individualized
opportunities for students to enhance learning through technology.
Strategic Objective #2
MCPS will provide on-going personalized professional development
and staffing to ensure technology enhances district performance.
Strategic Objective #3
MCPS will ensure internal work systems are adequate to support
the infusion of technology into daily instruction and district operations.

Within the next decade, MCPS will infuse technology
into daily instruction, becoming the premier 1:1 district in TN.
Strategic Objective #4
MCPS will annually secure and allocate financial resources
to responsibly sustain and grow the technology initiative.
1:1 Naming Contest Winner
Luke Nicholson
Thanks to 11th grader Luke Nicholson, for naming DIPLOMA.

device care

MCPS 1:1 initiative provides a device for all of our students and teachers. In order to maintain the quality and functionality of our equipment, you must be responsible for its care. The following protocols are designed to keep devices in working order for all. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines and make it a habit of practice.

Device Care Policy Agreement

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Understand that the MCPS does not have control over information found on the Internet. While every attempt is made to block access from inappropriate material the best protection is a teacher/guardian/parent supervision. Parents/Guardians and students are required to read, understand, and agree to the MCPS Responsible Use Policy.

Device Usage Policy & Agreement

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The Common Sense Family Media Agreement is a checklist parents can use to guide conversations with their student about media use. It helps parents establish guidelines and expectations around media use and behavior that are right for their family. Parents and kids get on the same page about media and technology use: Together.

Device User Agreement

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In accordance with the District’s Acceptable Use Policy, outside of school: Parents are responsible for monitoring their student’s use of the District’s educational technologies, including school-issued email accounts and the Internet if the student is accessing the District’s electronic technologies from home or through other remote location(s).

Device Parent Agreement


MCPS provides Digital Resources and District-Wide Software Applications for Students and Teachers:

  • To provide students with access to current technology applications and free tools designed for collaboration with other students and teachers
  • To give students the ability to work on their documents both in school and at home - anytime and anywhere from any Internet connected device
  • To help students work collaboratively, engage in peer-editing of documents, and publish for a wider audience within the Beaverton School District
  • To facilitate “paperless” transfer of work between students and teachers
  • To provide adequate long-term storage space for student work
  • To actuate potential cost savings in terms of software licensing and document storage

MCPS Student/Parent Technology Resources