EdCampMaury 2018
Posted on 03/11/2018
EdCampMaurySaturday, March 3, 2018, 75 educators came together for the first ever EdcampMauryK12.org. Maury County
teachers and principals, along with teachers from neighboring districts, spent four hours in three participant
designed sessions to connect, collaborate and share. The energy and excitement of the morning was powerful!
Dr. Marczak ‘s virtual welcome and “shout out” along with best wishes to the group from award winning
educational author George Couros set the tone for the event!
Discussions ranged from becoming DIPLOMA certified to classroom management in a 1:1 environment to
flexible classroom seating to how to use artificial intelligence to digital tools for learning. Participants shared
that the experience was “off the hook” and that the time, food and empowerment to design their own
learning was greatly appreciated and valued.
Maury County Public Schools is blessed to have committed educators, willing to give up their Saturday
morning, to come together to share, learn, grow for the benefit of themselves and better serve their students.
They are EXCITED to make DIPLOMA fully operational!
Thank You TEAM Randolph Howell Elementary for hosting! Planning is now underway for EdCamp
MauryK12.org 2019! TEAM Spring Hill Middle School will be hosting.
A BIG “shout out” and THANK YOU to area business for the donated fabulous “door prizes! A special “shout
out” to Howard Industries for the T-shirts, computer cases and laptop charging station and to Fast Pace Urgent
Care Clinic for the water bottles, chap stick and first aid supplies! The breakfast Sausage biscuits and the
Chocolate cookies from MacDonald’s get participants fueled to learn!