DIPLOMA Student Device FAQ

All parents & students must fill out the 4 forms on CareMonkey and watch this video
before receiving the laptop.

All teachers should have the ability to install testing software on their student’s device. If not please put in a ticket.

If the device is reported lost or stolen the county has purchase tracking software that is preinstalled that allows a company to trace it down. Please make sure all stolen or lost devices are reported ASAP and if stolen have the SRO for that school fill out a Police Report with the student’s name. The current ballpark price is $760.

If a student transfers out of the school district, it is the school's responsibility to take up the device just as if it was a textbook. If the student refuses to return the device (or leaves without notice) we will need a Police Report as mentioned above.

Included in the price of the device is Lenovo’s Accidental Warranty Coverage. Details can be found at this link. https://download.lenovo.com/lenovo/lsw/adp_sa_en_us.pdf

If a student's device is damaged a ticket needs to be entered ASAP so that the school’s tech can order a part and repair that device with minimal downtime. In most cases the parts will be overnighted to the school. THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL BE FIXED NEXT DAY. Techs have multiple schools so please be patient in that aspect.

Device chargers must be Lenovo branded and either replaced via warranty or purchased through the Technology Department via the school. To get an updated quote please email dreynolds@mauryk12.org.

If a device charger was damaged due to negligence the student is responsible for the replacement of that charger as it is not covered under the Accidental Warranty Coverage mentioned above. Please follow the instructions above to get a quote.

If a device charger is lost the student is responsible for the cost of the replacement.

If you have a case that becomes damage please enter a ticket to have it checked and possibly replaced.

As mentioned in the video above the laptop must stay in its protective case at all times.

Each laptop has Websafe software installed on them for when the student takes the device home. This is in addition to the ENA Websafe blocks that we have on the school’s network. If a teacher would like to request a site to be blocked or unblocked please submit a tech request.

If you have any additional questions please email